Saturday, February 21, 2009


I'll first introduce the singular member of the family: Crystal, our red-"headed" corn snake. I bought her a month or so before I turned 40, figuring that the girls should experience a variety of pets during their childhood... but mostly I bought her because snakes are interesting pets to have.

This is Crystal on August 19, 2007 the day we bought her. It took a little time for the girls to get comfortable with her. A few months ago, Crystal was big enough to start eating live feeder mice instead of frozen pinkies and fuzzies. Watching Crystal eat has become a favorite spectator sport in our house... popular with kids and cats alike.

The above is a photo of Crystal eating her first kill. The best part is when the mouse's tail is sticking out of Crystal's mouth like a piece of spaghetti. At the moment, Crystal eats 3 feeder mice every week, unless she's about to shed... which is another popular spectator sport, but one which we rarely can indulge in because Crystal frequently sheds at night.

The above photos are from January 2008, which was the first time we witnessed her shed. We were lucky to catch the whole process. She shed again during the day a couple of days ago and, again, we caught it pretty much from the start. Below is a short video I shot of Crystal wiggling her way out of her old skin.

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